Monday, January 29, 2007

No More

The doctor wrote the script to discontinue Kolton's Apnea monitor today. They are both free of wires permanently for the first time in their lives. That also means that there are no more devices in the house or on the babies that label them as preemie. This is exciting and scary at the same time. In preparation for this we or the husband did, searched for devices to monitor them. He found the Anglecare motion monitor by BebeSounds, which has very good ratings.

Karter has been using it for a week or more. Kolton will use it for the first time tonight.

The only drawback that I have found so far is kinda weird. I'm not sure how often it happens but it was creepy none the less. Last week I was giving the boys a bath and I had left the parent unit on, no big deal you would think, but I began to hear a baby cry, not my babies mind you and a women talking. Some how this was picking up someone else unit. Besides that incident it has picked up a cordless phone conversation as well. Now I just make sure to turn it off when not in use. I hope it doesn't do that in the middle of the night. I thing for it to happen the unit in the babies room has to be off though. Weird huh?


catspaw said...

That is weird and creepy. I hope the boy's first words arn't "breaker breaker" or "10-4 good budy" hahah!!

Love Boo