Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gone Fishin

If you followed my twitter(over there on the right hand side), you know that we took the boys fishing for the first time today. I myself have not been fishing in about 15 years. We had fun today.

The boys both caught 2 or three fish each. Kolton loved it and was all about reeling in the line and got super excited when there was actually a fish on the end.

Karter caught his fish and then he was done. He had fun but he would rather use electronic devices, like my iphone.

Thank you Jeannie,Hobart, Allison, Nana and Papa. We all had so much fun. Kolton asked at bedtime if we could go back and fish sometime soon.
EDIT: I forgot to say thank you to Paige and Bryan for playing with us at Nana's house. You wore the boys out and they were ready for bed when we got home.