Monday, May 04, 2009


We are a member of the Disney Club. I've gotten several of the movies for a really good price. I ordered a couple of movies that we used to watch as a kid. One of those movies was The Gnome Mobile.

It's a cute little movie about two lonely Gnomes looking for more of their kind. Both Kolton and Karter seemed to enjoy the movie. They would sit and watch it for awhile, then play for awhile, then watch it for awhile.

It brought back some fond memories for me. One being a song we used to sing to the tune of the song sang in the movie.

A little back story first. When I was about 14 my Mom remarried and in that we inherited an ugly silver Cutlass Supreme that we call the silver bullet and the junk mobile.

Hence the song the Junk Mobile

It went:

The junk mobile the junk mobile, riding a long in the junk mobile
sooner or later we'll lose a wheel, riding a long in the junk mobile.

I had totally forgotten about that until I heard the tune in the movie.

My all time favorite movie is The Parent Trap with Haley Mills. Little did I know as a kid and a younger adult that I too would have twins someday.

I'm glad my kids are enjoying some of the old movies that my brothers and sisters enjoyed.