Saturday, May 02, 2009

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

Oh my goodness! The whining. Does it ever stop? The answer to that around here lately is not really. Lately it's been Kolton, whining that he wants a certain toy, most likely something Karter has and there is more than likely another just like it somewhere but Kolton wants "mommy find it".

I heard that the two's were terrible, but for us they really weren't I think the three's are going to be rougher. The boys have also abandoned naps for the most part. I do encourage a quiet time on the couch while we watch Barney and sometimes they fall asleep. However, I have to wake Karter after about 30-40 mins or he won't go to sleep at night, instead getting up a thousand times in 30 mins.

To keep the whines down and the boys busy, we have been going places a lot more. They love to look at wal-mart or target at the toys and vacuums and computers and cell phones, so sometimes we do that just for something to do.

Along with the whines, they are getting so funny and saying silly stuff. Poor Karter has been having some bathroom issues and when he wanted some cheese the other day he asked me "you think it's going to clog up my butt?" haha

Kolton has said some pretty funny stuff here lately too, but I neglected to write them down and now I have forgotten them. He has been a HUGE daddies boy lately. When he gets upset with me he asks for daddy. The boys are totally in love with daddy. He has all the cool toys and can fix anything. If it's broke daddy has to fix it according to the boys and he usually does.

Besides the whining I really, really like this age. I always knew I would they are fun, funny, opinionated, and more independent. I actually was able to paint a whole room last week while home alone with them. I used a ladder, had open paint cans and wet walls and they obeyed like little gentlemen when asked to do something.

Man, life couldn't get much better!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow. My laptop is dying and therefore that's my cue to go to bed.