Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's been sunny with no rain.

It's has rained 15 of the 17 days this month. It's stopped us from doing a lot of things. Things like getting our cellar installed, mowing the lawn, and mostly playing outside. Oh how the boys LOVE to play outside.

So today, we basically played outside all day. Jimmy mowed the lawn, I planted some ferns in pots for the front porch and the boys, played and played until they were filthy and tired.

They were ready to go to bed at bedtime and went down without any complaints.

I've been participating in Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Friday. I thought this past Friday was supposed to be children's room/nurseries and it originally had, but a few days before Friday she changed it and I somehow missed that post. It was changed to Guest Rooms. I don't have a guest room, yet. While our house is 4 bedrooms, the boys each have their own room, then the master and the 4th is being used at the office or what we call the computer room. We do have an unfinished attic room that we do plan to finish and it will either become the guest room or the office.

So I have nothing to show you this week, but you can head on over to Kelly's and look at all the other cool guest rooms.


Lesley said...

I love the little birdies! If you want we can trade. We get maybe 15 days of rain the entire year. It is DRY and HOT here. UGH @ 102 degrees!