Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Potty Training-Part Who Knows

Finally!! The boys are potty trained. It all started when Karter had his procedure on March 26th. He had a diaper on and was hooked up to IV's. Up until that point he had been wearing a diaper and pretty much had no interest in the potty. So he had to pee but they didn't want him to move for several hours and we encouraged him to pee in his diaper that it would be ok. He didn't want to and held his pee for 5 hours. After that point he wanted to use the potty. Of course we have had accidents, thankfully only one in public at the park, involving number 2. Thankfully no one was there and I had a change of pants with me and a potty in the back of the car.

Karter is still not to fond of number 2 in the potty, but he's getting there. He is in underwear 100% of the time even at night. He's not had any accidents in his bed at all. I'm so proud of him!

Kolton was a different story. I thought ok Karter is ready so lets do Kolton too, but he had other ideas. He would pee in his pants every single time and when I asked him why he would say his underwear hurt him, which they didn't. So I told him he could decide when he was ready.

It was two or three more weeks before he was ready. I had bought some more underwear and told Kolton they were his and when he was ready he could start wearing them. Then I let him pick out a Lighting McQueen seat for the big toilet. He was prepared and ready to go. From that point on he began peeing in the potty. They both stand to do this, which is great, but man I have to stay on top of that bathroom as they've yet to learn to aim.

Then a few days later he went number 2 and has not turned back. We have had a few accidents, due to laziness around the house. None out in public thankfully. As of two nights ago he is in 100% in underwear at night as well.

As I think back it was not that big of a deal. Sure cleaning up poop out of underwear is so much more worse than a diaper, but they learn and in the end it's so much easier.

My babies are growing up.


Eva said...

Congratulations, that's amazing! And the overnight thing is very impressive, we're nowhere near being ready for overnight.

Keelan said...

we bought Kyndie the Zebra pool like that. She loves it!