Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fun with Markers

We had our first marker accident today. Well it was actually a highlighter but Karter didn't care. While changing Kolton's diaper, Karter disappeared into my bedroom. I called for him and he didn't answer or come so I finished up quickly and went into the room. I saw he had taken a highlighter out of the side table drawer, but the lid was on it. Then I saw his face. I had to laugh he did a pretty good job giving himself some sort of war paint look. Both the boys have been watching me put on my make up and I can only assume that is what he was imitating since he got it so close to his eyes. Time to remove the pens and markers from all drawers.

On a side note, he was not feeling well today, well enough to paint his face, but he had been running a fever. I also asked him to smile and this is what he did. I think he thought I meant show me your teeth, because his daddy says to him "show me your pretty teeth" and this is what he does.


Eva said...

Funny! But hey, better face than walls.