Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

Today the boys turned two. Oh were did the time go? Jimmy took off work today and we took the boys to a science museum. The both seemed to have fun, that is until Karter got too tired and had a little meltdown. Thankfully that didn't last too long. Their actual party is on Saturday so today was just us four.

The day started with daddy giving the boys their birthday gift from him. Phones, real phones. Of course they are not plugged into the phone line, but they are charged up and make all kinds of noises.

Then we went to the science museum. Even though we forgot our stroller,(seriously how did we do that)we were able to use some pretty nasty strollers at the museum. Karter had a ball pushing it around.

Then we had some not so good store bought cupcakes.

I love you boys! I'm so proud of how far you've come and look forward to watching you grow into what you will become.


Eva said...

Happy birthday boys!!! I hope you bring your mother as much joy in your 3rd year as you have in these past 2.

lesleysmeshly said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Wow! Two! I hope your party is awesome!!!! Eat lots of cake and ice cream. =)

Kelli said...

Happy Belated Birthday boys!!! Wow, 2 already? Mine turn two on aug 6th.....just unbelievable how the time flies by. looks like you all had a great birthday and party! We are taking our boys to the zoo on their birthday.....but I think I will do a big party next year :o)

The pictures are so sweet, your boys are just so darn handsome!

- Kelli