Thursday, July 31, 2008

I think the TERRIBLE TWO's are offically here.

OH MY GOODNESS!! What have we done, Jimmy and I, having kids and all, you know kids that just turned two and have discovered that indeed they do have an opinion and they do want to assert it. Sometimes they want to assert it at 1, 2 or 3 in the morning and loudly waking each other up.

I was reading on Lesley's site how her kiddos are giving her a hard time. I think she wished the bug away and it landed in my home. Both boys have been super crabby at times and each at separate times have had trouble sleeping. On Tuesday night Kolton evidently laid awake in his bed for an hour and thirty mins, listening to daddy mow. I didn't know he was awake and when I went in to check on him he stood up stated "daddy mow, neighbors, I get out". At that point I didn't quite know what to do. I felt sorry for him laying awake that long all by himself in his room, but on the other hand he was not crying. I recently read a post on Eva's blog about not knowing what to do sometimes. I felt like on the one hand I should get him out but on the other if I did he might think this is going to be a routine thing. So of course I got him out and he waited up until daddy came in and went to bed shortly after. The next night they both threw a fit at 1:00am and it took us an hour to get them back to sleep, one at a time. This whole week someone has woken up at least once a night. That someone last night was Kolton and then the dog wanting out. It's been a very busy week to say the least.

Just a side note. I started this post 4 days ago and am just now getting it finished, that's how busy it's been.


lesleysmeshly said...

Girl! You KNOW I would NEVER pass the terrible twins curse on to anybody!! =) Things are hard enough without the added kids curse, heehee. I really hope things improve for you. It is so hard to remember when you're in the midst of crazy chaos that it is only a phase and will pass.