Saturday, July 05, 2008

July 4th and why my family Rocks!

Our very chinese, and very nice new neighbors
There are a few people missing from this picture, but it's the majority
Papa pulling Kolton in the wagon

Our crazy Great Dane Zeeo, who despite never seeing fireworks up close, tried to eat them while they were going.
Karter, Kolton and Granddad and a very large pop.
Tha Boyz
My Sister, Mom, Neice, Step-dad and Karter

My sister in law and smiley Collin

Collin-He did this every single time I used the flash

Keelan and Kyndie

*I've been trying to get this post to work all day. Something is not working right either with my computer or with blogger. It won't let me cut and past the pictures to where I want them, so instead of posting none I'm posting them as they loaded. Ugg! I like it to look pretty and it dosen't but it will have to do.

We had a very nice day yesterday. The first part of the day was spent as we do everyday. However the later part of the day was spent with most of our family, at least my side anyway. Just the day before we thought we were going to be going to my sister's new house for the day, however at the last minute that plan fell through and I offered our house for the get together that my sister had planned. There ended up being 22 people show up. Here's where my family rocks. My parents have been divorced for about 16 years and while in the early stages my parents were not the best of friends as the years went on the hurt healed and we have all been able to get along wonderfully. I believe we are truly blessed in this aspect. It allowed us to have a wonderful day and make memories in our new home. Both my parents, their spouses, my mom's mom, and my dad's mom and her mother, along with my sibling and their spouses and kids all were part of yesterdays celebration. That's four generations on my mom's side and five on my dad's all in the same house. That's amazing in it's self no one else I know has five generations still in their family and not many divorced families can get along well enough to be in the same house.

The boys had a great time going from person to person. Being pulled in the wagon by papa and sitting on granddad's lap during some fireworks. Our new neighbors even stopped by to enjoy the get food and conversation.

So I hope everyone had as nice a 4th as our family did.


Collegegirl said...

Looks like ya'll had a great fourth! Love the family pictures! On to the picture thing-when inserting pictures, make sure you uncheck the box of inserting pictures in the center, ect. Click on none. This should work. I am able to move around the pictures then.

Hope this helps!

BelleLaDonna said...

Aww! I love your family! I miss them all too! Can't wait to come home! Glad the fourth was great! I love your new house!