Monday, July 07, 2008

I like these.

I've had these since the boys were born they were a gift from my mom. While I liked them when she gave them to me, after I sat them on a book shelf I really didn't pay that much attention to them. Since we have moved they ended up somehow in our master bathroom. I removed them from a box and sat them on the counter and there they have stayed . I look at them every morning when I get dressed and every evening before I go to bed. The longer I looked at them the more I like them. I think she got them at Hallmark, but I was unable to find any info on them by doing a short Internet search.

Just by chance one has darker hair than the other just like my boys. One thing that I found unusual is, well they don't have a face. Well they do have a face just no features. I'm not sure why they made them like this, but it's something that I now don't even notice.


Kelli said...

Hi! Those look like the willow tree figurines....I have one too that I received from my grandmother when I got married....they are very simple and beautiful.

I like how the ones you have mean "you always have my heart"

Also - the pictures from 4th of July of your new home look BEAUTIFUL, looks like you really do have an amazing family, and your boys look so handsome!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandy,

I meant to show you my Willow Tree figures when you were at the house this weekend. I have several that David has got me. I really like them. He started getting them for me when I was pregnant with Josiah. He got me a pregnant one and then when I was in the hospital with Josiah he got me one of a husband and wife holding a newborn baby. He has been getting them for special occassions like that since. They're really neat. You can get them at Living Word, Mardels, & Hallmark. I hope you guys had a good time at the party. Your dad seemed really surprised and happy! I'm glad we did it for him!