Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Dishwasher Story

So, as most of you know we moved 6 months ago, and our old house still has not sold, that's just a side note, not important to the story, anyway moving on. Our house is a new house that sat empty for a little over a year. All the manufactures warranties were expired on the appliances and such, but the builder, in front of both realtors and the title company told us the house had a one year builders warranty. Everyone thought that was great and the builder was all "i like to back my stuff". Before we moved in we let the builder know that the dishwasher had a pretty big dent in the front of it and we wanted that fixed. He said he would order the new panel and bring it to us as soon as it was in. It took us about 2 months and numerous emails and phone calls to get that and Jimmy actually went and picked it up from the company. But that was not the only issue we had. The dishwasher didn't work at all. We called the guy and after several days he sent a repair man to the house. It was fixed or so we thought. That same week, the first week living here, the hot water heater on the boys end of the house was not working and was not lighting like it should. Once again the repair guy came out after several calls to the builder. Their was several other things that we contacted him for but he never responded. Like the fans in the boys room made horrible noises. Two fans, after online research we found that that brand of fan had had problems with bad motors. We also contacted him for a non working attic fan and never heard from him. However, he did respond with the correct info via email when we contacted him a couple of months ago about our Clearstream sewer system not working correctly. It was still covered by a factory warranty and we need the info to contact the company that installed it. Turns out that the control box should not have been installed so close to the house eve where the rain splashes back into it. It caused the board to short out. Thankfully that was fixed with no problems.

Ok that was a little back story of the issues we have had and how the builder has respond sometimes and not at others, however he has respond with the same email address each and every time. About 3 weeks ago the dishwasher started acting up again. Sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't. We emailed him and heard nothing from him, for a week or more. Finally, we got fed up. What we really wanted to do was take the old dishwasher, which isn't really old at all and dump it on his front porch with a nasty note, but that wouldn't be very Christian like and certainly not what God would do. I however thought that we should let him know how disappointed we where that he has not stuck to his word or backed his work. I realized we contacted him for several things, however the house wasn't free we paid a nice chunk of change for it and I feel being a new home with new appliances they should work and when someone tells me they are going to do something I expect them to do it.

The email basically said we were disappointed that he was not carrying through with his end of the deal and that there were several things that we had just let go and fixed ourselves at our expense, but that we would really like the dishwasher fixed and that we were having to go out and buy a new one at our expense and it would be nice if he reimbursed us for it. Jimmy might have also said that we would really like to dump the old one in his yard, but we were trying to live Christian lives and that we would simply forgive him.

Finally,he responded however he said it was not the man we knew and "Dear madam or Sir, he has never built or sold a home to anyone". Hmm, really? Jimmy emailed again asking if his name was the builders name and he had a business with the builders business name. He responded that he was from Joplin Missouri and has been using that email since July. Hmm, Really? Cause we just emailed you a month ago and you responded from this email and you where the man we thought you were. Jimmy and he went back and forth with little chit chat and then Jimmy said he does not want to bug the wrong guy, but could he do an email check on his email address and by doing that he would be able to see what city and the email was coming from, and that he didn't want to call the man a liar but the man we have dealt with before does so. Now I have to tell you here that Jimmy really has no way of knowing the city the email is coming from. He is a systems engineer and told the man so and the real builder knew this, but I suppose he was calling the guys bluff because we have not heard from him since. Not a yes or no, nothing, nada.

Our conclusion is that this email was the correct email and for some reason the builder decided to play a little game. How silly is that. We are out money for a new dishwasher and we have no faith in this builder now.

Don't misunderstand that we still love our new house, however it has come with some issues, that I supposes now we are on our own with.


Kelli said...

Oh no! I am so sorry about all the hassles with the builder....that is really terrible!

I LOVE your new header!!! Great pictures of your boys....they are adorable as always!

Thanks so much for your boys are all better now, and crazier than ever. I am starting a new class with them tomorrow, it is kind of like a Little Gym.....I think they have been cooped up for too long!!

I hope that you are all doing really well and healthy!


Keelan said...

I think you should call news nine or which ever news channel has the "In your corner" and see what kind of answer they get out of your no good for nothing sorry excuse for a contractor/builder! Maybe then yall will get somewhere and in the process let other people know what kind of a person he is.