Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello Ugly!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Things around here have been really busy. Several things going on at one time and I've had to prioritize and the blog has taken the back burner. I have missed it though.

When I could have been posting, after the kids go to bed, and after I clean the kitchen, and do some laundry. I have been looking at lots of home decorating sites. I've found some I really love and will link to them on my blog soon.
Now, I know that mostly this blog has been about the kids and our lives with them in it. But I wanted to post about something different. The kids are doing good actually they are driving Jimmy and I nuts at times but they are good and happy that's important.
So on to something different.
We bought our house new. No one had lived here before us, we didn't have to clean the carpets or really scrub the tubs that much. I liked that part, but I have found somethings that I don't like in our new house. I just assumed that everything would be pretty much perfect since it was new and all, no wear and tear so to speak of, but I have found that is not really the case. No major things, but none the less stuff I could do without. Anywho today I'm addressing the horrible BRASS fixtures in this house.
The house has beautiful cabinets and wood work, so I suppose the builder scrimped on the cheaper stuff, or he being has no taste and chose these horrible fixtures because he liked them. Regardless they are U G L Y,(they ain't go no alibi, they ugly. Who else remembers this?), anyway back to the ugly. The house is pretty big and it's covered in shiny fake brass. See for yourself.

This is in the foyer or entryway, whatever you call it. We have a pretty big entryway, with these tiny little lights. After we sell our old house, and that's a whole other story, I will be working on making this one mine. Anyway, back to the lights, they are tiny for this big space. Eventually I will paint it and buy some more respectable light fixtures. These are actually not that bad compared to some of the others.

To the left of the front door is the dinning room that we will be using for a family room. Jimmy hits his head on this thing every single time he goes into the room. It's a beauty don't you think?

The living room is at the end of the entryway. Don't you just love all the etching on this fans brass. Oh, and ignore the fuzz or whatever it is on the blades. I'm just keeping it real here. Although I do need to clean those off.

This is actually one of the cabinets in the master bath, but these knobs are in all the bathrooms and the kitchen. This picture does not do the the ugly justice they deserve.

The beauty that hangs over the kitchen table.

This is actually in the boys bathroom, but the small half bath has one just like it but with only three lights.

Every single door handle and deadbolt color!

Our house is beautiful and I love it. I can't wait to get some of my touches on it though. That however will have to wait as we are painting some things in our old house in hopes that it will finally sell. I'm thinking leaving the living room wall red was not a good idea.


Stacie said...

Yuck. Have fun changing all that out.

Keelan said...

yea, but it took forever!! I updated my blog also! All of my pics have my copyright on them. You should go check it out and then let me know what you think.

Soralis said...

Hope the old place sells so you can get renovating! Take care!

p.s. I am glad I am not the only one with fuzz on my ceiling fan! :)