Thursday, January 29, 2009

I like Target, I like Target a lot!

After being stuck at home for two days because of the ice and snow, the kids and I decided to make a trip to Target just to get out of the house. The boys were very excited to be going somewhere. As I tried to back out of the garage my tires were slipping a lot, but I managed, however at the end of the drive my SUV was having all kinds of trouble. I had been trying for about 5 mins or so to get out and decided that we would just have to be stuck at home another day. When I announced this to the boys Kolton said "no mommy, I want to go to Target." When I explained that we couldn't get out of the drive he said "mommy can do it" he was very admit so I kept on and I did eventually get out and they were so happy. They both said "you did it mommy."

Karter then said the batteries were running down. I finally figured out that he thought I was slipping and stuck because my batteries were low, like in his toys. They get sluggish and don't work right when the batteries are low. I thought that was pretty smart.

Also I want to thank everyone for their suggestions on my last post. I have some ideas now!

This is one reason I love Target.

This chair was on sale for 50% off. They didn't have anymore in stock so I asked to by the floor sample. I was able to get the floor sample for and additional 30% off the half off price. Making a $329.00 chair $124.00. While that's still a nice chunk of change it was a good deal. It does have screw holes in the legs where it was bolted to the floor but they are really un-noticeable unless they are pointed out and one leg has a crack in it.

I do think it looks very nice in my living room. I just need to get a nice pillow and maybe a throw or something.
What great finds have you found lately?


Soralis said...

I wish we had Target in Canada! I so miss it, when I spent time working in the states years ago I used to looove Target!

Love the comment about the batteries, my boys are doing the same thing right now!