Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things heard and done at my house this week.

We've had our first, and probably only snow/ice storm. This is the front yard.

Several night ago the boys were in the bathtub. I had given them their toothbrushes to brush their teeth, I always follow up with a brush from mommy, anyway Karter got out of the tub and I stepped out of the room to get his clothes. When I came back Kolton said. "I brushing my ding ding", to which I replied "no, no buddy we don't brush our ding ding with our toothbrush!"

Kolton and Karter have been wanting and eating lots of cheese. Jimmy and I tell them eating too much cheese will clog your butthole up. I know, I know we should probably have used a better word. Anyway, while eating raisins the other day Kolton told Jimmy that "raisins clog me butthole up." Oh Brother!

Jimmy ate his ice cream out of the dog food bowl last night. He had no idea until I pointed it out to him. He has used the smaller dogs food bowl, which is just a plastic tupperware bowl, to fill up our Great Danes bowl to which he added scraps. He sat it on the counter so I could add more food to it later. When I told him he said "oh man, I thought it was a clean bowl."

The boys have been craaaazy lately. I can't wait until it's warmer outside. These boys need to get out and burn off some energy. They have been talking like crazy and using their imaginations like crazy. I've run out of ideas. We've played with playdough, we've painted, colored, played in the water, played with phones and electronics, I don't know what else to do to entertain them. Anyone got any ideas. I try to read to them but they lose interest quickly. They don't really seem interested in learning sounds and letters yet and I'm not sure how to really do this with them. Anyone got ideas on this?

I've worried about the horses these past could of days. While their owners have been feeding them, I can see the wetness and probably ice on their fur. Makes me want to buy them coats, or build them a barn or something. They seem to be doing fine though. This is the backyard.


Eva said...

Love the brushing story!

We're going a bit batty with this weather, too. I just posted about our indoor obstacle course.

On the sounds/letters, the fridge magnet toys from leapfrog have been hugely entertaining. Also, I posted a while ago about the game of writing little note cards with words on them and having them place them on objects... you could also hide the cards places (e.g., POT, RUG, BOOK etc.) and have them hunt for them.

Kelly D. said...

My husband doesn't like it that our twins say "fart" truly of all the bad words out there, I don't think fart is too terrible.

What about building an obstacle course for cars or marbles or something that rolls or they have to move.