Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Told Ya So!

The hubby and I had a short conversation 5 or 6 days ago about the status of the full gas cans on the newly acquired lawn mower trailer parked outside our garage.

Me: Honey, don't you think you should put that gas in the garage?

DH: Well, I don't want full gas cans in the garage for safety reasons.

I can understand this.

Me: Well don't you think someone might steal it?

DH: No, I don't think someone will come down our long driveway and steal the gas.

Me: I do

What do you think happened today?

Someone came down our long driveway and stole the three full gas containers. Thankfully they left the trailer which DH had not gotten chained to the tree yet. And they did it while I was home. I'm pretty sure they did it while I was putting the kids down for their naps. I thought I heard a car door, but assumed it was the mail ladies. Anyway, I don't know that I would have done much I wouldn't want to die over gas. I sure hope they really needed it.


Twin-Daddy said...

The safety if my family and not putting gas in the garage is FAR FAR more important than the lost gas that some poor soul needed to take their grandma to the doctor with..

Keelan said...

What the crap is wrong with people to resort to stealing gas out of someones yard, which by the way was very risky of them because your garage is tucked back. Stupid idiots.