Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An Almost ER Visit

The boys have been WILD lately I tell ya. Kolton has been saying "I don't want to" a lot. He says it about nap time and sometimes bed time depending on if he napped or not. He says it if you tell him to do something or get something. If he is bugging Karter by taking his toy or just bugging him in general when asked to stop he will say "I don't want to." If you tell him to come here he will say "come get me."

Karter has been cranky and whining lately. If he's playing with something and it falls apart or gets stuck or does something he doesn't want it to do he will run to us and spaz out wanting us to fix it before he event tries himself. When you encourage him to fix it himself he breaks out in a fit of "no, mama do it" with tears and tensing of his body. Other times he fixes it himself with no issues.

So that brings me to the almost ER visit.

There were some bricks in the backyard that we had used to make a little ramp for the boys to ride there fourwheelers over. We had moved the bricks to the porch area. Karter got the big idea to get the brick and play with it. Jimmy told Karter to put the brick down, so he threw the brick down, which broke in half. Kolton then ran over and picked it up and tried to throw it. Jimmy told him to put it down before someone got hurt. Karter ran over there to try to boss and Kolton threw the brick and hit Karter in the head with it.

Thankfully it just grazed Karter's head leaving a little nick, that might have needed a stitch. It wasn't that deep and didn't bleed that bad. Karter cried a little. I tell you I believe that being in the NICU has given him a higher pain tolerance than most kids. I also have a high pain tolerance, but he didn't cry much at all.

I brought him in the house. Cleaned the wound, assessed the damage and decided that a butterfly band aid and some antibiotic ointment would be ok. The cut looks good and seems to be healing ok so far. Of course I will keep an eye on it but I think we are just fine.

It looks like it's on his temple in this picture but it's not is on the side of his forehead.


Eva said...

We hear "no, Mama do it" a lot in our house. I've even made up a story called "Mama do it" (frequently requested at bedtime). So sorry about the cut. Hope he heals quickly.