Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm THAT Pregnant woman.

Today I got up off the bed in my bedroom where I had been trying to catch up on all the DVR'd stuff I got behind on due to reading A LOT last week. I got up because I noticed that Karter has smashed a junior mint into my sheets while I had been up a few seconds before to answer the door when a package arrived. I went into the bathroom to get a rag to clean up the mess and the water wouldn't come on.

Crap, I called the water company seeing if there was a scheduled turn off for some reason. She responds with yes, there was. You have a returned check and we placed a notice on your door last week.


I have to add that I've been having a really bad week. I just lost it with the lady. I don't normally cry when I speak to public works people. I don't normally cry at all but I started bawling. I've worked with the public before I've been the lady on the phone while someone else is bawling.

What had happened is we are trying to close our account in our old town and move everything to our new account. One day last month something went through our old account on autopay and caused several things to bounce. We thought it was taken care of, we paid the water bill yesterday and the lady said she had it there on her desk but couldn't accept it until the overdue balance was paid in cash.

Poor lady. I told her I knew it wasn't her fault and we had never received a notice on the door as she said we did.

I'm kinda embarrassed because I knew it was stupid that I was crying and when I walked in that water office door, they KNEW who I was. When I gave the lady my name she said "oh". Of course she did, everyone always talks about the crazy crying lady. Sheesh. I was the highlight of their day! Crazy lady on line 2.

I said oh she told you about the crying lady to the women behind the desk. She tried to play if off, but whatever. I just apologized and she said it's ok it's was a mistake it could happen to anyone one. You know the ole canned sympathy response.

It's taken care of our water is back on. Hopefully the ladies at the water department will forget my name and face but I doubt it. I never did when I worked with the public I always remembered the crazies.