Friday, March 20, 2009

The Luck of The Irish

Well obviously it's not with us this month. This month there is so much going on and not much of it is good, but we'll make it through. The one positive thing is that we have a contract, FINALLY, on our old house. Hopefully it goes through.

Something cute did happen on the 17th that I didn't know about until later that day. We had spent sometime outside that evening and Jimmy had spent about an hour looking for a four leaf clover. He finally found one! I was outside but I wasn't close enough to hear what was going on and I think I was reading a book. Anyway, the boys asked Jimmy what he was doing and he told them looking for four leaf clovers. They wanted to help so Jimmy said he began to pull clovers(3 leaf) and told the boys to kiss them and when the wind blew them away they were going to go to people who needed kisses. How cute and sweet!

My boys, all of them, Jimmy, Kolton and Karter are sweet and cute.