Thursday, April 30, 2009

About Me

I have a post brewing about the boys in my head, but I've not been able to sit down and write it. I did however notice something as I was going through some stuff that I'm probably going to post on craigslist.

So, here's a little about me.

1. I NEVER fold the fitted sheet to any sheet set. I never can figure out how to do it properly so I just wad it up nicely, if that's possible. My mom does the same thing. My grandma is always appalled.

2. I hardily ever make our bed. I love a made bed and I always feel better when it's done, but in all truthfulness, the master bedroom is the most neglected room in our house. I just seem to never make it that far when I clean.

3. I'm pretty indecisive. I always have been. I remember standing in the toy isle as a kid with two items I wanted. I could only have one and the decision was causing me big time stress. I remember asking my mom to tell me which one she liked best and when she said it was up to me I about died. I don't remember what I chose, but I do remember how I felt. I still do that, I've been putting off painting because I just can't decide what color. How do you guys decide so quickly?

4. I hate trying to figure out what to cook for lunch/dinner etc. I usually put it off until the last minuet. When I talk to my grandma she always asks what I'm making for dinner. I usually respond that I have no idea, most times it about 2 hours or so before we will be eating.

5. My car is absolutely filthy. I used to be so GROSSED out when I would get into someones car before I had kids and it was trashed. I could never understand how they let it get that way. I now know. I don't like it that way, with goldfish, french fries and empty juice boxes on the floor, but when your driving down the road and your kids are being quiet while eating one of the above you'll take it and deal with the consequences later. I would show you a picture but we are planning to sell my SUV and get another so I did clean it out, but it still has a smell.

So, there are a few things about me. Some of the things bother me more than others, but they are things that I am a repeat offender about. If you come to my house and I know you are coming and you aren't someone who has seen it trashed then you would never know, because my bed would be made and the floors sparkly. I just wouldn't invite you into my linen closet or car.

What little things do you do or not do?


Nancy said...

Hey! I hopped over from Julia's blog on that huge rock fireplace. Was that not ugly with a capital U?!
I've just read this post and something I don't do anymore, that I really wish I would, is keep my car cleaner. Inside and outside. Ugh, just seems to take too much energy :)
Have a great week! and enjoy the holidays!!
Prattville AL