Thursday, September 25, 2008


Please tell me it's just a phase they are going through and my kids will resume taking naps shortly. I so looked forward to the hour to two hours I had each day to do stuff that needed to be done or to do nothing at all but stare at the tv or the walls. I NEEEEEEDED that time, I WANT that time.

Now the minute I lay Kolton down he screams which in turn keeps Karter a wake and an hour to an hour and 1/2 later I still have two kids that are awake. Say it ain't so!


Silver said...

Hang in there for a while, just in case it is a phase. I hated when my kids cut out their morning naps. When is a mom supposed to get anything done?

Good luck!

Dara Lee said...

My oldest naps sometimes, but the twins are still pretty good nappers. In order to keep the eldest quiet, I give him a book. The twins will get a book sometimes too, if they don't think they are in a napping mood. Pretty soon, everyone is asleep.

Mine don't always need to sleep, but they do need to rest (and get out of my hair).

Good luck!