Thursday, September 04, 2008

Karter Time

Lately most of my posts have mainly been about Kolton. It's Karter's turn now. For the past couple of months I have not done monthly updates simply because I don't know what else to write in them. I pretty much record everything they do on the blog anyway.

Karter or Kartman as we usually call him is still a whiner and still dramatic at times. He screams the most highest pitch scream you have ever heard if Kolton takes something away from him or if he doesn't get what he wants.

He is an observer and usually just stands back and watches what goes on. Unlike Kolton who never stops talking, he talks but not every second. In the car he usually just rides and looks out the window, however if he is playing with something and drops it, oh my. He breaks out in the "uh oh" over and over and they get louder and louder the longer he has to wait. If I'm driving this drives me crazy as I can't reach back there and hand it back to him.

He still loves his naps, unlike Kolton, and still takes about a two hour nap a day. When he wakes up he likes to cuddle on the couch and if he doesn't get to do it as long as he likes then he gets upset an sometimes a dramatic scene ensues. He still loves spicy foods and will always, always eat pizza which is his favorite. He can eat two whole pieces of pizza by himself and likes just about any kind, but always picks olives off.

Karter still loves computers and electronic gadgets. Everyday, and I do mean everyday he takes all the plastic buckets out of his toy organizer and dumps everyone of them in the floor. He then goes into Kolton's room and dumps his out too. We are working on cleaning up our toys, but he loses interest quickly. It's not as fun to pick them up as it is to dump them out. One of the funniest cutest things he does lately is he will say loudly "I'm jumping" and then began to jump up and down all over the living room all the while giggling as we laugh along with him. He also wants to be carried around so he can see on the counter tops and then wants us to hand him stuff. If we don't give him what he wants he tries to push one of the kitchen chairs over to the counter and get it himself.

Karter is full of life and mischief. He is ornery and loving all in one little package. One little toy dumping, toilet flushing, high pitch screaming, pizza loving little boy. My silly little Karter.


Silver said...

Hello! I just found your blog through another blogger. I too am a twin mom and have just recently quit my full time job to become a stay-at-home mom. Looking forward to reading your story, your kids are adorable!