Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Today-Not So Good.

Today has been a not so good day. I find myself being a little short with the kids today. Not bad but my tolerance for their shenanigans is a little lower than usual. I don't know if it's due to my back hurting today and dealing with that pain or if it's because they have been so dang busy lately.

I've told Karter countless times today not to stand in the pot/pan drawer and not to push the buttons on the stove(I have the buttons locked to he can't turn on the stove).

Both have been so whiny today.

It's raining here today and one of the dogs popped on the front porch and I had to clean that up.

Then the topping on the cake happened. I was laying on the couch, to try to stretch my back and wait for the boys to come out of the other room. Kolton came in and climbed on top of my stomach he began to hop up and down. I told him that it was hurting mommy and he needed to stop. He continued and I told him again that is was hurting mommy, all the while he is laughing. As I was about to sit up to make him stop he kicks me in the nose and mouth. I hear a crack and my nose starts to bleed. What do I do? I start to cry. I have never cried when one of the boys has hurt me before, but this really, really hurt and on top of the hurt that my back is causing, I just started to cry. Neither boy has really seen me cry before. Karter didn't really seem to care and though Kolton looked a little concerned he still thought it was funny. At this point I try to tell Kolton he hurt me and he laughs. I then popped his leg and instantly felt bad. His lip puckered a little then he was fine.

I went to the bathroom where I cleaned up then had Kolton sit on the couch. I apologized for popping his leg and gave him a hug and explained that he hurt mommy. Kolton seems to be fine. I on the other hand have a swollen sore nose and sore teeth. Not to mention I feel bad for losing my cool with him.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the rough day. I can totaly sympathize with you. There are days my boys just try to figure out how much they can get away with. Micah is starting to show his true ornery side. He's started to bite lately and when he gets you good your first reaction is to pop him on the leg or wherever you can reach to get him to stop. I know he's just being a rascall because when he's done he flashes his cute little smile like he is just an angel. Don't feel bad we've all been there before. I hope your back and your nose start feeling better.


lesleysmeshly said...

Awww. I hope the days have gotten better. Sometimes a good cry makes everything better. =)