Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Markers and Jon and Kate + 8

In a very un-like Kate Gosslin way, I let the boys play with markers yesterday. They really enjoyed it and of course they got some on their hands and Karter even got a little on his face. The first thing I though of was that Kate Gosslin would have a heart attack. I watch her show but there are some things that have been bugging me about it lately. I think she is a good mother and she does not intentionally want to hurt or harm her children in anyway, but I think sometimes she does, not to mention her poor husband Jon as well.

She always talks about laundry and freaks if her kids get anything on their clothes. That's what kids do, my kids get stuff on their clothes all the time and I have to admit that I have ruined several shirts of theirs because either I didn't pre-treat the stains or I left them wet in the laundry basket and they mildewed. I don't buy the boys really expensive clothes because first they are boys and will get dirty and second because we don't have all the money in the world to be buying expensive clothes.
I felt so sorry for Kate's kids when they went to Disney and they were eating ice cream, one of the girls dripped some on her clothes and Kate just flipped. She started yelling and trying to make everyone who was there to help feed the kids ice cream. In that instance I would have just let them eat their stinking ice cream and if they trashed their clothes too bad buy them a new shirt. I don't spend a lot of time worrying about how dirty my kids clothes get, maybe it's because of how they came into this world but that's not one of the things I choose to worry about. I like the boys to look nice and I don't take them in public such as to church, or eating out with trashed clothes, although I did take them to wal-mart with dirty shirts once, no one died and no one said anything to me about it.

Kate's just too uptight about things. I realize she has eight kids, but I would assume that all the stressing she does over the little things just makes her and her kids more stressed. I wonder if it might be time to end the show for the kids sake. They have had camera's following them their whole life, of course that would not stop her from freaking over spilled ice cream.

The whole pre-term birth and NICU experience changed me for the better I believe. I used to stress over silly things but now I no longer do that for the most part. I realize what is important in life and stained clothes are not one of them.


Following Him said...

I watch J&K as well and I totally agree with you. She does not let them just get dirty and be kids all the time. Glad they boys had fun!

Dara Lee said...


I HATE jon & kate, mostly because she seems to have no idea how to enjoy her family. Drives me nuts. You know that I have no problem letting my boys get dirty, I refer you to the mud pictures on my blog.

We've taken to the markers as well. I'm all for Crayola Pip Squeaks. Washable (and they really are) and easy to hold. Nate drew all over his face with one the other day and it just washed right off. It was yellow marker, or I'd have taken a picture.

She should lay off her husband too, and let him have a little fun. From what I've seen (which, I'll admit, isn't much), she makes an awful lot of fun of his ideas of fun.

Enough about my rant... I'm glad that your boys are allowed to be dirty. There's enough time for them to stay clean when they are older.