Monday, September 08, 2008


*EDIT* Karter went to sleep Kolton did not. Kolton and I sat on the couch and watched reruns of 7th Heaven. All is good, but I need some chocolate.

Kolton and Karter begged to go "night night" (nap)about thirty mins early today. While I found this odd, I obliged since Kolton got up early today. I get them all ready and by the time they get in bed they are only in there 15 mins early. We do our routine, I get on the couch to hopefully take a nap and the screaming begins. Kolton starts screaming about something, this in turn wakes Karter and now they are both screaming. I've checked on them both twice and this seemed to only make it worse. They are so tired. I'll give it 15 more mins then I suppose my longed for nap will be a thing of the past and a LONG afternoon shall begin.