Thursday, September 18, 2008

March of Dimes (Part 3)

Just and update and reminder that those who wish to donate to our March of Dimes fund, please do so by clicking on the March of Dimes banner on my sidebar or contact me as I need to have all monies by Sunday Sept. 21st. Unfortunately, I am sad to say that it does not seem that I will reach our goal of $300 by the turn in date of Sept. 23rd. While the March of Dimes is near and dear to me, I just don't think many people know what it does and how it helps. I encourage you to go to the March of Dimes website, read what they are all about, then I encourage you to read my previous posts on how the March of Dimes helped Kolton and Karter. A lot of people who donated last year to us seem to be unwilling this time. I understand that we were the ambassador family last year and therefore more people were willing, however that does not change what they do and how they helped in our situation. Last year my goal was $1000 I reached that, this year it is only $300. If possible please pass this post on and help me help the March of Dimes and all babies and families who may benefit from them.