Friday, April 17, 2009

Big-Big Boy Beds

Last Saturday(April 11) we got the boys twin size beds. We had been looking for several weeks, but were waiting for our tax money to come in to get them. They were excited about getting new beds and had no problems getting into them that night. It probably helps that they don't usually nap now during the day so at night they are exhausted.

I got the bedding at Target, which is more expensive than Wal-Mart, but I thought they were cute and didn't want the typical character bedding. They matched the colors that were already in their rooms and gave us choices of introducing other colors as well.

It's been almost a week since they've been sleeping in them and so far so good. We've not had anyone fall out yet although paranoid as we are we did set their crib mattresses on the floor just in case. If things still are going good in a week we will probably remove those as well.

Kolton has to have all his stuff just right before he can go to sleep. His extra pillow has to be in the right place, he has to have all three of his stuffed animals. Lambi, Oh Toodles(a teddy bear, that he named), his blue bunny and two lovies. I've tried to narrow them down but he insists on all of them.

Karter could care less about his lovie or stuff animals but wants a massage nightly and to have his radio turned on.

It was bitter sweet taking down the cribs for the last time and putting them in the attic. Bitter sweet because my little boys are growing up, and bitter sweet because I don't know if there will be anymore babies in this house. We haven't decided for sure yet, but at the moment leaning towards no.
I can't believe that they will be 3 very soon. Where did that time go. Seriously when other people have said time flies they don't stay little for very long, they were not kidding. They grow up fast.


Lesley said...

Yay for big boy beds! They are adorable. We have yet to convert our cribs to toddler beds, I'm too scared. =) Bawk bawk, I'm a chicken.