Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kids Show Observations

My kids LOVE Micky Mouse Clubhouse. It's their all time favorite show and we watch it multiple time a day.

Since I've seen every episode known to man I've made some observations.
Donald needs a timeout. He's the kid that gets on your nerves when he doesn't get what he wants. He throws a fit or is not a good sport. Oh, wait Karter and Kolton do that sometimes too.

Willie the Giant seems to have a handicap of some sort. Hubby says he has downs syndrome, he's always happy and well you get the point. Now that I wrote that I hope that statement doesn't offend anyone. That was not my intention, just and observation.

Goofy is just goofy and I can tolerate that, he's my husbands favorite character.

Pete, well Jimmy and I thought Pete was a bulldog, not a cat. Whatever he is he's a big ole bully most of the time.

My favorite is the professor, he's not on the show much, but I like all his contraptions.

I don't have much to say about the rest of them.

Then there is Barney. The boys just started watching this when we have quiet time, since we don't really nap anymore. Oh, I haven't mentioned that have I. Sometimes it makes for l o n g days.

Barney doesn't bug me too much, but I cannot stand Riff's(the orange and yellow one) voice and his mannerisms. He acts like he's hopped up on something. He annoys me immensely.

I do however LOVE Word World. We just started watching this as well and it makes me giggle. The boys don't seem as interested in it as I do, but hopefully it will grow on them.

That concludes my critiques of the children's shows we watch. I promise to have something better to say soon.