Wednesday, April 01, 2009

So Thankful

In spite of what I'm going through right now with this pregnancy I'm so thankful.

Thankful that Karter made it through his procedure just fine. We arrived at 9:00 that morning and got all checked in and sat down in the waiting room. We were surprised when one of our pastors showed up. He stayed with us awhile prayed and then he had to leave. After checking to make sure the PDA was present this time with and echocardiogram, the took him back at about 11:30. Unfortunately I was not allowed to actually go in with him while they sedated him as I had intended because I'm pregnant and Jimmy just couldn't do it. I had to stand at the door and he did cry and didn't want the mask put on his face, but I knew the more he cried the faster the anesthesia would work, he was out in about 30 seconds.

We moved to the waiting room were my dad was. My dad and I went to the cafeteria while Jimmy waited for us to return with his food.

Somewhere in there the nurse called to tell us things were going fine and they would be done soon. At 1:30 or so the Doctor came out to tell us things had gone fine. The reason his PDA was there sometime and not at others was because there was a bend in the vessel sometimes making it closed and others open. It was a pretty good sized PDA and they placed an occluder.

We were then sent to recovery to be with Karter as he woke. I forgot to mention that my Pediatrician was there as well because his child had to have a surgical procedure that day as well as was in the recovery bed across from Karter. So Dr. C was able to see Karter as he woke.

After an hour in recovery and after me having to climb in his bed so he wouldn't climb out, we were moved to the step down area. There we had to stay for 4 hours. It was uncertain if he would have to stay overnight at that time, but he was such a good boy and stayed still for the whole time that he had no problems and we were able to leave at 7:00p that night.

He was such a good boy.

They were both good boys. Kolton did great here with my mom, asking to call daddy from time to time. He was happy to see Karter when he came home and asked Karter if he could sit next to him on the couch.
Kolton is a little worried now and wants to make sure if he's going somewhere that Karter and Daddy get to go too.

I'm so thankful that's behind us, it was a huge stressor looming over our heads. Thankful that it went well and Karter is back to his normal if not more busy self.


On to something else. I've been reading this blog for awhile. They are having a really rough time with their baby Stellen, who is having some heart issues. I'm sure your thoughts and prayer would be appreciated.

Prayers for Stellan