Thursday, April 09, 2009

Shout Out to Mi Familia

Finally we are coming to the end of our very busy, very eventful last 2 months. It would have all been impossible for me to handle and even more stressful if it were not for two very lovely ladies in our lives.

Seen here with Kolton, Karter and my nephew Collin

Nanni(my mom) moved back to our state within the last two years after being gone for 8 years. I'm so glad she's back. She has been such a huge help to me and the boys are crazy about her. The past couple of months she's helped me anytime I needed it including staying the night and getting up very early and watching the boys so I could go to an 8:00 appointment. She lets the boys chew gum and eat all her chips. They trash her house and have screaming contests with her. Thank you so very much mom.

Nana visting, brining a party and McD's

Nana(Jimmy's Mom) is more than willing to drive the hour drive to our house at a moments notice. She comes with stickers, and crafts calling it a party, but the boys call it a birthday party. They love it. She sits with them for hours coloring, gluing and watching Mickey Mouse. Lets them talk to pawpaw on the phone and brings them Pez candies, which Karter loves. She is always willing to help were needed, giving kind words and hugs. Thank you nana!

We love you guys very much and I so appreciate you.

This concludes the mushy portion of the blog for awhile or until the next crisis.