Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Dad

Eleven years ago my dad had a pretty bad heart attack. If I remember correctly over half of his heart is damaged, he died twice that night.

My dad is a stubborn man, although that is not a good trait to have sometimes, at others it is and I fully believe that this is why he has done so well.

Recently my dad has begun to get winded more easily than he previously had, this lead him to go to the his cardiologist to have things checked out. He fully believed that he probably had some more blockage. A stress test was preformed. He does not have blockage, but they did fine that he now needs an internal defibrillator. The doctor speculates that between 1 and 3 years it's HIGHLY likely that his heart will just stop beating. Unless he's somewhere where he can get immediate assistance he will die. My dad works in the oil field, his job requires him to travel to remote locations to check wells. More than likely he would be alone when this occurred. The device will at least give him a chance to call for help.

Papa(that's what we call him) will be having the defibrillator placed tomorrow. It's supposed to be a fairly fast procedure that may or may not require an overnight stay.

If you don't mind, please keep my papa in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow.