Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kolton's Tooth

Kolton's had this little dark spot on his front tooth for a year or more now. As a matter of fact I don't really every remember it not being there. I had heard and read that some antibiotics can affect a babies teeth in utero when the mother takes them. I don't remember if I took antibiotics other than when I went into preterm labor, I think I had a bladder infection very early on. Anyway, I assumed that this is what that spot was. It doesn't hurt him and his tooth seems strong. We even showed it to the dental assistant a few months back when I had my teeth cleaned. She agreed with us.

To make a long story shorter. At some point we went to the pediatrician for something a month or so back. He told me that the tooth was rotting and I needed to get it looked at. I was surprised by that since it has been there since, well forever, and he has seen it before. I made the appointment to have it looked at. That was last Thursday. Kolton did such a great job! He said he didn't want to go, but once we got in there he wanted me to hold his hand and once he decided it was all ok he let go of my hand. Karter sat in the corner in a chair and watched.

We had taken them with us once a few months back so they would know what the dentist was and what happened there. I think had I not done that it would have been way scarier for them. So the dentist looked at it and said that it was more than likely caused by what I thought it was and that it was fine, although it was discolored and the enamel was a bit weaker it was still a strong tooth and we will just keep and eye on it.

I'm glad that's all it is. His permanent tooth should not be affected the dentist said. Besides the little dark mark on his tooth he still has a perfect little smile.