Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doctors Dictation

Last week we requested the dictation from the doctors office. Basically we wanted the before and after not only for us, but our church would like us to do a testimony they would like to put on video and it would be nice to have that documentation for that as well. We requested snapshots of the Echo cardiograms, but have not received those as of yet.

I realize that there are those of you who are not believers out there who do not believe our son was healed by God, I also realize that there are also a fair amount of those of you out there who classify yourselves as Christians that do not believe me either. That's ok. I KNOW my son was healed and that's really all that matters. So I'm not posting this stuff to convince you otherwise, just to document a momentous moment in our families life and to maybe share with those of you the joy we have felt from this and the reality that God is real and He is awesome.

This is in doctor talk, but you can pretty much decipher what it's saying.

Finding per Dr. B via echo cardiogram on 8/4/08:

"There is normal segmental anatomy. The atrial and ventricular septums are intact. There is trivial, physiologic tricuspid valve regurgitation, which is insufficient for accurate quantitation of right ventricular pressures. No other valve stenosis or regurgitation is noted. The pulmonary venous and systemic venous returns appear normal. The aortic arch is unobstructed. There is a 4mm, small to moderate sized patent ductus arteriosus with a peak instantaneous pressure gradient of 85mmHg obtained. Subjectively, the left heart is borderline dialted. There is good ventricular function."

Findings per Dr. S(the surgeon) via echocardiogram on 10/16/08:

"The study today is compared to the study of a few months previously. There has been interval closure of a significant serpiginous PDA. There is no evidence of residual shunting between the aorta and the pulmonary artery by imaging or color flow doppler. Intracardiac anatomy is not visualized. The aortic arch is unobstructed and left sided. There is no branch pulmonary artery stenosis."

"No ductus arteriosus noted on today's study; interval closure of the previous PDA."

God is good!


Anonymous said...

Hey Brandy,

I was so overwhelmed with joy when I heard about Karter's healing; I couldn't help but cry. I have no doubts that God miraculously healed him; we serve an awesome God. I'm so happy and excited for you guys. I had to spread the word to everyone that God is still preforming miracles. We need to always remember that God is capable of all things.