Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Tomorrow is Karter's procedure. We have to be at the hospital at 6:30 am, I will have to get up at 5:30 to get dressed and get stuff gathered up. I have told both Kolton and Karter that tomorrow Mommy and Daddy are going to take Karter to the doctor to have his heart looked at, while he is asleep and that Nannie will be staying with Kolton tomorrow and playing with him all day. To this Kolton responded, "I go daddy" I'm sure that does not need a translation. Karter than responded that he was going to get his "heart looked at." My Mom is coming tonight to stay and be with Kolton tomorrow, it's going to be a hard day for him, he's the protector of the two and is extremely concerned if he is not in the near vicinity of his brother.

Karter is going to be hacked when he is awoken so early and is not allowed to have his coveted juice. He will at least be able to have his B(binkie) which he also loves.

I have a peaceful feeling about what has to be done. While I still wish it didn't have to be done at all, I believe that I have finally given it all over to God. He knows my innermost wishes. I'm sure I will have to hold back the tears as they take Karter away and when he is out of my site I will cry and grieve for myself having to go through this. Then I will get myself together to be strong for both Karter and Jimmy.

My Mom has arranged to stay on Thurs night if Karter has to stay the night in the hospital. We will deal with all that entails as we get closer.

As I awoke this morning a thought immediately came to my mind, I have been reading this blog for some time now. I thought of all she had to go through on the day she went to the hospital to meet her son and tell him goodbye, all on the same day. While my heart aches for her and her journey, it was also filled with thankfulness. I'm so thankful that I'm not having to be faced with that situation.

I fully expect to see my son wake from his procedure, be at his beck and call and take him home where he will no doubt drive me nuts with his demands. Demands I am thankful I can fulfill for him. Thankful that he is here for me to fulfill them for.

Pray tomorrow as we are taken through yet another journey.

(Since Karter is currently in the computer room turning the server on and off, pictures will have to be added at a later date.)


BelleLaDonna said...

I will keep you all in my prayers and thoughts tomorrow! I hope everything goes smoothly! Love and miss ya!

Eva said...

Good luck to Karter tomorrow. I will be sending him good wishes.

Jared and Joy said...

We will be praying for Karter's proceedure tomorrow. We know that Master Physician will be taking good care of him! We pray for Peace for you, Jimmy and also Colton.

lesleysmeshly said...

We wish you the best of luck tomorrow. Stay strong and positive and spoil him (them) rotten when he gets home!