Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Sickies

We have all had the sickies around here lately. I actually seem to be the one who has been sick the longest. It starts with drainage and a sore throat and moves to a stopped up nose and coughing and for me massive pressure in my face, so much so that my teeth began to hurt.

I have a little routine that I do when the boys get stuffy noses and it has worked really well for us. It allows them to sleep through the night without much trouble from their noses. During the day I will give them Benadryl if they are miserable this seems to dry up their nose and allow them to have a decent day. At night I use Baby Vick Rub. I remember as a kid my mom and grandma rubbing this all over my chest, neck and under my nose when I didn't feel well. To this day I immediately feel relaxed when I smell it. I still use it and it seems the boys like it as well. When they see me getting it they raise their shirts for me to rub it on them and then they ask for it under their noses. I then use the Traminic Flowing Vapors fan with cherry menthol inserts. I found these last year and I've been pleased with them every since. The only draw back is the little fan in the unit will squeak sometimes while it's annoying it does not seem to wake either boy up. Those two things combined have worked very well for us and when I go in to check on them they are breathing and sleeping well.

Maybe I should get one of these for my room because I had a little more trouble staying asleep because of my stopped up nose and swollen face. I finally bought a Neti-pot. I had watched an Oprah a year or so ago with Dr. Oz and those that has used it said they felt so much better. I have to tell you it works. I used it for two days every 3-4 hours and the swelling and pain in my face not to mention all the yucky stuff started going away. I've used it twice a day since then and I've felt much better.

Also, just so you know all the products I mentioned above are ones I have found I like, I'm not being paid by the companies. However, if they would like to pay me that would be ok with me.

In other news, Karter had his 6 month check up at the eye doctor yesterday. Initially the doctor thought Karter might be a little near-sighted so we waited 6 months and had a recheck and all is well. All is well with both Kolton and Karter's eyes and the doctor won't need to see them for another year.