Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Miracle Story

I don't think it's a secret that I wanted Karter healed. I knew God could do it, my question was would he? I have personally been going through a confusing time recently. We have recently moved, we still have two houses on the market and no one is offering, Karter was diagnosed with a PDA and we started a new church. I have known God for years but it has been only recently that Jimmy and I have decided to recommit ourselves to the Lord and the life that that means leading. With all these changes things have been a bit confusing to me. I began to wonder if I had enough Faith (Matthew 17:20), if I was committed enough to the Lord, why were my prayers not being answered. I have prayed for the sale of at least one of our two homes, a smooth transaction.. After not having those prayers answered I began to get frustrated with God. What I realized is that I was trying to tell God what to do, I wanted him to prove something to me, although I'm not sure what.

All the while Jimmy and I had been discussing different things we had read in the Bible. He and I both wanted healing for Karter and didn't really see any reason biblically that he shouldn't have it. One day while in the shower, which is were I do my praying and deep thinking it's the only quiet time I have, I was praying and I was a little frustrated. I was just talking to the Lord and I asked why don't you just heal it Lord, you can close it, it's just a little 4mm vessel, you can raise the dead, you can certainly close this vessel, and I left it at that.

We had Karter anointed with oil and prayed for by Pastor Al at our church (James 5:14). Our church, family and friends were praying, though I don't think any of them knew we were specifically praying for healing. We felt we had covered Karter in every way we knew how.

It's here that I want to thank each and every one of you who prayed for calmness and peacefulness for Jimmy and I. It worked, at least for me, I'm not sure what Jimmy felt but he appeared to be ok. Yesterday, I was calm and had a peaceful feeling that things would be fine. My anxiety was gone.

I wrote the above to give you a little background of what has been going on in our house spiritually. Now we get to the really good stuff.

Today I got up at 5:20am got dressed gathered up some stuff, Jimmy got dressed and loaded the car with some stuff. At 6:00am I woke Karter put some shoes on him and we left. We had to be at the hospital at 6:30am when we entered the pre-registration room it was full at that early hour of the morning. Things were going rather smoothly, Karter was not cranky as I thought he might be and he only asked once for juice. We waited about 30 mins and were called back to prep him for the surgery. Here they did the usual, gave him something to change into, did the usual 50 questions, took his vitals and wheeled us to another room where we would speak with the anesthesiologist and the doctor. Things were still moving smoothly, we spoke with the anesthesiologist he told us what to expect and that one of us could go back with Karter as they put him to sleep with gas . Jimmy did not want to see Karter that way, so I was going to go with him. The last person we were to speak to before he went back was the doctor. He explained what he would be doing, showed us the devices that he would be placing and then he listened to his heart. It was at this point that he said, "I'm not hearing a murmur" he then stated that he would like to get a quick look by ultrasound. He left and we were taken around the corner, the tech looked for a little while, excused herself for a second, and returned stating she needed one more picture. At this point Karter had began asking to "go bye bye" but was still doing fine. She took us back to our room and at that point the doctor entered as he crossed the threshhold of the door he asked "have you guys been praying" to which we answered yes. At this point I believe he said it worked, but I'm not really sure because all I heard next was gone, it's no longer there. It was at this point I began to cry. It was just how I envisioned it would be if he were healed, how it played through my mind in the shower a month or so ago. The place began to buzz, Jimmy asked the doctor how often this happens, the doctor stated not much and that with the size of the vessel and the age of Karter they just don't close, he stated that it was a miracle. All the nurses were coming in and at one point one of them gave me a hug. It was all so awesome. The doctor said "your done, you can go, just follow up in 6 months." As we were dressing Karter and getting ready to leave the doctor stated that looking at his Echo from two months ago and looking at today's was drastically different, it was completely gone and it had been a pretty large PDA. The doctor made it clear, PDA's don't go away on their own, at Karters age nor at that level of severity...

It was a very exciting day, many, many prayers were answered from calmness for Jimmy and I to calmness for both Kolton and Karter. To my questions of if we were in the right church and on the right path. Although our houses have not sold, it's ok. I know God will take care of us and I will take a healing over a house selling any day. I fully surrendered today and I have no idea where it will take us but I'm excited to find out.


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here reading this with tears in my eyes! Our God is AWESOME! I'm speechless, it's funny how we know God can do something and then when He does it catches us by surprise, but it shouldn't...because we knew that He would, could, and DID heal Karter!

Kelli said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes, and i had to reread it a couple of times......absolutely amazing and awesome! Our God is just incredible, and the power of prayer is just....i don't know the right words, but so very very powerful.

I am so happy for you all....and sending you all lots of hugs!

- Kelli

lesleysmeshly said...

I am so so very happy for you and your family. What a great blessing and relief!

Lacy Justus said...

WOW. I have tears of joy for your family. GOD is so awesome and always listens. I am so happy for you and God Bless.
Lacy Justus