Sunday, October 05, 2008


My mom got the boys some kites for thier birthday which was in July. Today there was a nice wind so I thought it would be a nice day for them to fly their first kite. I got the kites out, got them put together and tried to get them to take a picture. Neither Kolton or Karter would look at the camera while holding their kites.

Then we tried to fly them. This did not go as planned. Firstly, while there was wind it was wiping from all directions so the kites would not consistienly stay up. Jimmy was helping Kolton and I was helping Karter. Karter didn't really get what was supposed to happen and every time the kite went into the air he would cry and say get it mommy and start crying. I tried to explain the concept and what was supposed to happen but he was having none of it. Maybe next time.