Thursday, August 21, 2008

Doctor Appointments

Yesterday both the boys went to the doctor. Karter to the dermatologist because his eczema on his feet has gotten pretty bad and his current meds don't seem to be helping much. He ended up getting a new ointment for his feet to use for a couple of weeks.

Kolton went to the Pediatrician for two reasons, first to have his heart listened to, to see if he needed to be seen by the cardiologist. Dr. C listened to him for quite a while and decided that he should be seen just to be safe. He did hear a murmur, but Kolton's murmur is unlike Karter's. Dr. C said it is more like the "normal" murmurs that you hear, but since Karter has an issue just to be on the safe side he will have him looked at. He is referring us to someone besides the doctor that saw Karter. So we will be taking Kolton to have and echo cardiogram and EKG too. If I go off what I feel, I don't feel that Kolton has an issue that will have to be dealt with. Hopefully my feelings are right. Secondly, Kolton went to get tested for a nut allergy. Last week Jimmy was eating cashews and gave both Kolton and Karter one, they have both had cashews before, actually several times before. About five mins after Kolton ate the nuts he began to cough and wheeze, I watched for a minuet more and he began to cough more. I immediately thought that he was having a reaction to the cashew. I gave him Benadryl and an Albuterol Nebulizer Treatment and watched him for four hours. After 30 mins his breathing became normal and he showed no other respiratory signs, however he did have diarrhea the next day. Jimmy searched online and we found out that some kids after the age of two can have reactions to things that they previously didn't, Dr. C confirmed this. We also found out that had I taken him to the emergency room they would have done the exact same thing I did. They would have given Benadryl and a nebulizer treatment. Of course I would have immediately gone to the E.R. had his breathing not improved quickly, thankfully it did. I suggest everyone have Benadryl and know the correct dosage to give your child as this medication comes in handy for many reactions, just follow your doctors orders on when and how to give it. Anyway, he had blood drawn and we should have those results in about a week. I don't think he is allergic to peanuts, just cashews, which thankfully are easier to avoid. Dr. C did give me a script for an Epi-Pen just in case we were to need it. I hope we never, ever need it.

With all that said I have to tell you, I really do have the best kids in the whole wide world. Kolton's appointment was at 9am, they were wonderful in the waiting room and the exam room. I no longer use strollers when taking them to the doctor, they don't like to sit in it for long and it is so hard to get them in and out of the doors, how brave am i? They allowed the doctor and I to talk without much fuss. After Kolton's appointment we had to go to the lab to get his blood drawn. Now Kolton is a bit more dramatic with that kind of stuff than Karter so I knew there would be some tears. They poked my poor little guy 3, yes 3 times and still didn't get blood. Kolton was so brave, he cried but didn't freak out. Karter just watched. We decided that we would try again after Karter's appointment because someone else who was a better stick with kids would be there. Once again the boys were wonderful in the waiting room and the exam room and in the waiting room of the lab for the second, well actually fourth attempt. Thankfully they got blood and Kolton was once again brave. After they were all done he said "Karter's turn" and believe it or not Karter actually wanted a turn. I just asked if they could give Karter a band-aid, which pleased both boys.

I actually wanted to buy them the world. They are normally good, but with all the waiting we did I was just so proud of them.


Anonymous said...

I think your kids must be so good because they have really good parents!! I'll never forget the time Josiah had to give blood. They tried several times with him as well and twisted the needle, it must have hurt bad; by the end we were both crying. It was so sad.