Friday, August 08, 2008

Just Stuff

Every one has been fine here, just busy. On Wed. I took the kids to a local pool/park with a friend and her kids. They had a kiddie section that was totally separate from the big pool, it was really nice and the boys had a blast. Karter warmed up to the idea first and began to play with his bucket I brought him and to play with Alexa my friends daughter. Kolton clung to me for about 30 mins and then he warmed up and began to play with Alexa and Karter. They were so cute playing like big boys. I thought about bringing my camera, but I decided not to because I had never been there before and I didn't know if I could handle my big DSLR and two kids in a pool area. I wish I had now because it was a very controlled environment and I could have gotten some good pictures. I do need to get a good point and shoot for times like this.

Thursday was had a cool front come through and the weather was so nice. It was in the 80's verses the 100+ is has been in the last week or so, so we went outside and played in the backyard and on the swing set. Nana this is were we where when you called yesterday, sorry we missed your call!

Today I had to attend a funeral of one of my dear friends mother. I don't like funerals, and I don't like viewing the bodies. I would rather remember the person in happier times, but I went for my friend. She and her mother loved and love my boys and would come to visit. I regret that they didn't get to come as often as they would have liked because we had to limit visitors due to RSV and such, but none the less the love was there. She will be missed.

We are having another nice day here and after nap time will probably go outside to play and then maybe to dinner tonight.
Also I decided to take the boys two year shots myself. I am never really happy with the generic shots you get from Sears or places like them. However I have not done them yet, I wanted to do a family photo on the same day, first I was waiting to get the boys haircuts and now I'm waiting on getting mine and Jimmy's done. I did however get some good ones of them yesterday.

Despite the food on his shirt and the yellow line behind his head, I really like this. I know I can photoshop out that stuff, but I was not having any luck doing that tonight.