Monday, August 18, 2008

Someday they will hate me for this.

Last Sunday we visited a new church, afterwards I kicked my shoes off in the living room, since then Kolton and Karter have been playing with them. They love to put on either mine or Jimmy's shoes. They usually prefer mine though since they are a little easier to walk in than Jimmy's big ole shoes. Anyway, today they had a fight over the shoes so I told Kolton to go get some more out of my closet. He chose black ones and after telling me to check for spiders, which I did and thankfully there was none, he put them on and they stomped around in them for an hour or so. After dinner and while they were watching daddy out the kitchen window mow, they put them on again and I pulled out my camera.


Anonymous said...

That's so cute! My boys love to do that too. Micah thinks it's hilarious.


Dara Lee said...

My boys are in love with my pink heels and my silver sequined heels. When the closet door is open, the rush in and grab them and walk around the house with them.

It's so nice to know that it's not just mine that do things like this.