Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Potty Training (Part 1)

It's been very busy around here lately. Not because we have been going places and doing fun things, not because anyone has visited, because they haven't, it's been busy because I have two year old twin boys and they are VERY busy, which in turn makes me VERY busy.

Kolton is ready to potty train. As a matter of fact we have been working on it all week. For a month or more he as been going pee on the potty off and on, but this week we have really been working at it. I've tried several approaches and I think I finally found one that is working for him. Before I move further with this I need to say Karter on the other hand is not ready to potty train, has no interest whatsoever. Doesn't care what his brother gets for using the potty, he just doesn't want to do it. That's OK with me, when he's ready is when I'm ready and maybe it will be easier doing just one at a time.

Anyway, so back to Kolton. First I tried the potty chair in the bathroom, that didn't work well because all he really wanted to do was climb on the toilet and play in the sink. I actually had to start locking the bathroom that I call theirs because of this. Next I moved on to putting the potty in the room that he was in, I would just carry it around asking every so often if he needed to go. This didn't work all that well either, while he would go this way it was getting pee on the carpet, simply because we have the worst potty ever. It's really not a good potty at all although it was cheap it's made cheap, you defiantly get what you pay for. I forgot to mention that first I was just keeping his diaper on him, then I moved to pull-ups, but he seemed to just pee in them as he did his diaper, then I decided that I was going to go all out and just put underwear on him. This lasted two days. He has several accidents, mostly just pee and one poop. So, now I have switched back to pull-ups, but now he seems to get that he need to try not to pee in them and I have done away with the potty chair and have put the plastic seat part of the potty on the toilet. I moved it to the half bathroom where he can't reach the sink from the toilet. He is able to climb on the toilet by himself and the plastic seat has handles, this might be the best thing about that cheap potty. I've started setting a timer for every 20 mins and I would take him to pee. Just yesterday he started going into the bathroom himself pulling down his pants, climbing on the pot and going pee, then telling me about it. After lunch today he said "I go potty", ran to the bathroom and actually pooped in the pot. I was so proud of him and he seemed really proud too.

Karter witnessed it all, including the praise for pooping. I asked him if he would like to go and he said yes, but only sat on there for a second then said "done" and "hands" meaning he wants to wash his hands. I think that's the only reason that he even sat on there because he knew Kolton gets to wash his hands after he's done.

So, hopefully we are on our way to having one child out of diapers. We are going to keep on and see what happens. Really I have no clue what I'm doing but so far it seems to be working. Now I'm on the search for one to carry in the car with us. Anyone have a favorite they can suggest?