Monday, August 25, 2008

Doctor update and ice cream

Things have been busy. I have several post brewing in my head but have yet found the time to write them down.

Everyone is fine. Kolton has a cardiologist appointment on Friday, just to check and make sure everything is good with him. His Allergy test came back negative, so I supposed that's good, but he sure did have some sort of reaction. The doctor was sure to inform me that he didn't need to eat nuts anyway because he could choke, which I'm well aware of. It's not like we gave him a nut and said there you go, run around and play, but be careful not to choke. I know he was just informing me and we will not be letting him have anymore nuts for awhile anyway.

The boys are napping, who knows for how long, I have ice cream calling my name so I need to get to that.