Thursday, August 14, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor.

I'm kind of shy, that is until I get to know you. If I'm in a room full of people I will hang back until I see someone I know, if I don't know anyone I usually sit quietly. I have to say over the years this has somewhat resided, but it's still there and sometimes people assume I'm snobby or standoffish because of this. My husband, Jimmy is the exact opposite. The reason I'm telling you this is because when we moved to our new house, one of our new neighbors came over right away. She was defiantly not shy and offered right off to watch the boys sometime for us when they get to know her better. While I appreciated the offer I could never see myself letting her watch my children while I am no where in site. I also secretly hoped she would not become one of THOSE neighbors, you know the ones who are always up in your business.

I happy to report, while she is a bit opinionated she is a very lovely lady. She has been nothing but nice to us giving us things from her garden. Cooking then bringing over things we have never had before, she and her husband are Chinese they moved to the states 40 so years ago, coming over to chat while we are out in the yard in the evenings.

A couple of days ago while we were outside chatting, she asked the boys if they wanted some ice cream, both said yes, and Kolton took off to her house. Karter was a little more hesitant, but as long as he could see us he went along. They ate a little ice cream and then did their favorite thing, play in the water. She lets them help water her garden and plants, telling them what each one is, sometimes giving the Chinese name, she is very patient with them and they seem to really be warming up to her. Now, I doubt I will every let her watch them, only because I'm overprotective like that, but I love having her around and the culture she brings to them and our family is an added bonus.

While the boys were next door eating ice cream and watering the garden I was on the back porch shaving one of our dogs. He had just emerged from our creek area covered in what we call stick tides, little tiny sticker things that get stuck in their hair and are almost impossible to comb out. So he got a shave, I have to say he did look funny and still does be he doesn't have stick tides. Anyway, after Kolton got back from the neighbors he noticed Sparky and began pointing and yelling "sparky broke, sprarky broke". I explained that no sparky was not broke, just shaved almost bald. This seemed to be an ok answer for Kolton and he began playing again.


Kelli said...

i think our personalities sound really similar :-)

those are great pictures, and that is so nice that you have such a nice neighbor next to your new home. But, i understand about leaving your boys....I am exactly the same way. My mom watches my boys, my mom with my two aunts, and twice Cherie and Jeannie (two of my triplet momma friends) have watched my boys. That's it! Andy and I have gone out alone only a couple of times. Not sure when I will get over it....I feel uneasy even leaving them at a church nursery! I am sure I will get better about it with time!

And I will be thinking of you guys and saying lots of prayers in Oct! Those before and after pics were so precious!

- Kelli