Saturday, August 09, 2008

Nightly Routine

The boys go to bed nightly anywhere from 7:30 to 8:00pm. We do the whole bath, brush teeth, put on pj's, fill water cups, get B's(binkies) and lovies and then the boys sit on daddy for about 15 mins and chill and watch T.V. We then take the boys to their separate bedrooms while daddy is in one room I'm in the other. I hug each boy, tell them I love them and I'm so proud of them, give them a kiss and sing them a song. Kolton has taken to telling me to sing before I leave. On the rare occasion he wakes up at night, if it requires me to go into his room he tells me to sing, with his eyes still closed. I sing a short verse and he's out.

Karter likes me to hold him as I sing and then will say night, night and kiss. I tell him I love him, I'm proud of him and give him a kiss. We close the boys doors while we are still up and moving around the house. We have been doing this since as long as I can remember and as long as I can remember I have been going into their rooms several times and lightly touching their chest or back, making sure they are still breathing. If I wake in the middle of the night I go and check on them doing my little routine. I suspect I will be doing this their whole lives.

What is your nightly routine and do you check to see if your kids are still breathing? Or am I just a freak?


Dara Lee said...

I still check on my three year old, especially when I've worked late or had a meeting and haven't had a chance to say goodnight to them. The older two I can usually hear snoring from the other end of the house, but the youngest doesn't snore much, so I will go in and check on and put my hand on his chest. And I figure, seeing as I'm there, I might as well check on all of them.

Our night time routine consists of cleaning up toys, having a bath, brushing teeth, potty time, pyjamas, two stories, prayers and then lights out. And you can't miss any of it, or they tell us.

Great to hear about Karter. Scary enough, but I'm so glad that it's something that they can do something about.

Eva said...

When they were waking up every couple of hours I didn't go to check on them, but now that they're usually good sleepers, I always check before I go to sleep - touch their backs, tell them I love them, fix their blankets, and get one last look. My husband still won't go in though because he's still afraid of waking them up!

We do similar things - vitamins, brush, bath, diapers, PJs, nurse, read, cuddle, cribs, song or last story, say goodnight to the universe, and blankets on. I like Dara Lee's idea of adding cleaning up toys to the routine, though!

Kelli said...

great pictures on this post, and your previous post!

That is so sweet that your sweet boys ask you to sing to them :o)

For our routine, we head upstairs and give each one a bath separately, b/c they get a little crazy when we try to give all three a bath at the same time now. While one brother is in the tub, the other two are running around, getting that last bit of energy out. They all share one bedroom, so they are usually bouncing around from one bed to another. After baths, we read a story, make sure everyone has a water sippy, say a prayer, and now we say "give mommy and daddy a kiss!", and they run over and give us a big kiss....I LOVE THIS! They are running around when we walk out the room, and usually within 30 minutes or less, they are asleep. Once it is quiet, we go in to check....if someone crashed on the floor, then we put him back in bed....but I LOVE when i find them all snuggled in the same bed. We check on them again before going to sleep.....and I do the same thing....want to make sure they are breathing, and there are no pillows or blankets covering their face.

I don't think you are crazy to keep checking on them, I do it too!

- Kelli