Sunday, August 10, 2008

PDA Part II (Patent Ductus Arterious)

We have heard from the doctor who examined Karter, via e-mail. She has informed us that she has consulted with the doctor that will be doing the procedure. The doctor that it would be the same risk weather we do it now or next summer and he prefers to do it this summer, so his office will be calling us to set up the first round of appointments.

Jimmy has found a website that explains what the procedure involves and all the risks.

To find our more information click here.


Kelli said...

You all have been on my mind so much.....this has to be so scary for you all, and I hope that the procedure gives you guys some answers, and they can fix what is wrong. You have such amazing "mommy instinct"!

My Jordan had this, and it was caught when he was in the NICU, and when he was about 6 months we had to see the cardiologist....his had not completely closed, but they felt that it would, and that we no longer had to follow up with the cardiologist....I have his 2 year physical tomorrow, and after learning about your Karter, i want the doctor to pay special attention when listening to his heart.

I am just so sorry that you are having to go through this, and
I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, and will keep checking your blog to read updates!

Big hugs to your boys,

Kelli said...

hi there!

i am sorry to comment twice, but i realized that what I wrote came out wrong! I did not mean that Jordan had the same thing Karter has, PDA....I meant he had a hole that wasn't closed, and we had to have it re-checked. They assumed that it would resolve itself, b/c it had gotten smaller at 6-9 months.....anyways, what he had is not nearly as serious or requires any other procedure like Karter has to have......and I just think my comment came out wrong! I am sorry!

We had our 2 year physical today, and Jordan was fussing so loud, she couldn't confirm that the murmer was gone, so she will check it next time we are in.....but she thinks he is fine. guys are in my prayers....hoping for the aboslute best for you all!

- Kelli